Replace your grille to an ‘Elegant’ look Security Screens

Modern homes are going up all over with the latest of modern materials, modern designs, and modern conveniences. When the owners and builders think about security, modern is once again the word of the day. Electronic sensors, trip alarms and computerized control centers that ring the police for you are commonplace in today’s newer homes.

But let’s not forget that the best security system is one that is never used. Even the most effective alarm should be at the most a second line of defense. The physical integrity of the home should an effective primary deterrent to break-ins.

This is simple when it comes to doors. They are made of wood and steel, and if equipped with effective locks, hard to get past.

But what about windows. Historically, windows have been the weakest link in the chain of household security. Even with break resistant panes, it is still easier to break through a window than to break down a door. As a result, you are left to rely on your security system to tell you that someone has already used one of your windows to get in.

To deal with this problem, we need to make windows more like a door without destroying their primary appeal. This is where security screens come in.

Master Security Screen is an adaptation of the traditional window screens which were designed to let in air and keep out bugs. Security screens are made of tougher stuff. Literally. While still nearly transparent, this tough mesh grill is designed to keep things out that are much larger than the occasional errant fly.

Security screens are essentially mesh grills, designed to take very rough treatment, covering the typical weak spots in home security.

This mesh is resistant to cutting, punctures, and ruptures due to impact. They not only hinder miscreants from breaking into your house, they are tough enough to protect your windows from storm blown debris, falling branches and the occasional ball from neighborhood games.

This is especially true of larger glazed areas, such as picture windows and glass doors. These screens not only protect from deliberate or accidental damage, they can prevent injury due to broken glass should someone walk or run into the door by mistake.

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