Stainless steel mesh Insect Screen Door

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Introduce our Stainless mesh Insect Screen doors.It let your home feel comfort of flesh air flowing through and with clear and unobstructed outdoor views. Using 0.6mm thickness 304 marine grade high tensile stainless steel, woven into a fine mesh, a thick 1.2mm aluminum profile with a special patent pending mesh installation process make it a strength and durability.Stainless steel mesh insect screen provided you almost lifelong usage. It also work as a protection screens if we add an extra lock … Continue reading “Stainless steel mesh Insect Screen Door”

Replace your grille to an ‘Elegant’ look Security Screens

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Modern homes are going up all over with the latest of modern materials, modern designs, and modern conveniences. When the owners and builders think about security, modern is once again the word of the day. Electronic sensors, trip alarms and computerized control centers that ring the police for you are commonplace in today’s newer homes. But let’s not forget that the best security system is one that is never used. Even the most effective alarm should be at the most … Continue reading “Replace your grille to an ‘Elegant’ look Security Screens”

Large opening Insect screen door

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Elegantscreen features product : The Monarch Entry pleated insect screen door, suitable for large and wide opening. You can fix it with double way opening or multi way opening for more convenience entrance or exit. For more information please contact Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd. Malaysia Tel :603-82105226 Email: Webpage: